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Please allow me to reintroduce myself...

Or the founder, owner, and CEO of Xcape, Inc. I started this company in 2006 as an MSP helping to build and maintain infrastructures for a number of entertainment industry professionals, small and medium sized businesses, CEO's and their families, and other high net worth individuals. Making a name for myself and my one man band that was Xcape. 

For years I struggled with learning how to start and operate a business successfully. I started to build a team of other hackers, pen testers and other information security professionals.

The first of which I had the pleasure of being introduced to me as one of the brightest people in infosec and he's been my partner and our CTO/CISO for the last 13 years. That's when we first pivoted to infosec taking on DFIR, pentesting, and assessment work. We constantly push each other to grow and be better. So running a company with this man, building and innovating has been a dream come true. 

The second an app sec engineer who was told he didn't have the skills to be in infosec. Only to receive an offer from Google's Red Team after only being with our team for two years.

The third is an engineer that I'm incapable of accurately articulating the sheer plethora of topics where he is in fact a subject matter expert. From CI/CD to firmware this dude does it all.

With the continued growth of our small agile team we've been the small company big companies rely on for quality when the big reputable security firms find nothing. No indicators of compromise, no recovered malware samples. Just a huge invoice while you mitigate an ongoing breach.

If I had a dollar for every time a client went somewhere else only to come back and hire us after they spent more with another firm, the amount of times we were the 3rd or 4th company on an engagement to be the only ones to produce any results, I'd have a quite a few extra dollars to laugh my way to the bank with but I digress.

It's interesting the amount of times we've been referred to a client and they tell us they were referred to us by more than three people in this industry that know at Xcape there is no such thing as can't.

I don't know many companies that will reverse engineer a ransomware sample to build a decrypter capable of decrypting over 3TB of data for a customer that didn't have any backups.

I've never seen a 400+ page pen test report before that skipped the lows and informational findings just due to the sheer volume of findings. 

I've never seen an encrypted LTE drop box solution before we made one err 3.
PiRAT | Pentest Server | NetNinja

I don't know any firm that rolled their own network just to control hardware, software, and connectivity end to end.

Well except for us because solving IT problems is our business.


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