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How do you know you're working with a bad MSP?

What are some traits of bad MSP's? The most common complaint I get from new or potential customers; "Whenever we need something, we can never get a hold of them." As a customer that relies on your MSP partner for day to day operational support it can be frustrating when you feel expectations aren't being met, and you are left to deal with the aftermath. "I don't feel like my current provider is taking the security of our data very seriously." I can tell you we recently on-boarded a customer who's firewall was configured to forward all the needed ports for file sharing, remote application licensing, etc from anyone on the internet to the customers servers by another MSP. Needless to say that even for small businesses there is a better way to support work from home users that doesn't involve risking the clients infrastructure. Click here to learn how you can check your own infrastructure with your cellphone for security risk.  "He's charg

How can I do a basic check of my internet security at my home or office?

I worry about internet security for my home office or business what do I do? This isn't meant to be an all inclusive guide to perimeter or firewall security, but if you worry about the security of your home, home office, or small business internet. Here's a great tip to use your cellphone as an infosec tool to assess the security of your perimeter. So let's dive right in: From a computer on the network you'd like to test go to   Take note of the IPV4 address, this what we call your real world IP address we're going to need it in the next step. Download Fing from the android or iOS app store.  Open Fing Click Tools at the bottom then click "Find open ports" Input the IP you got from step 2.  Before you click scan make sure to turn the Wi-Fi off on your device, you want to simulate an external scan of your network, and your cellphone disconnected from Wi-Fi does a good enough job of representing that for a quick and dirty test like thi

Please allow me to reintroduce myself...

CellPhoneDude  Or the founder, owner, and CEO of Xcape, Inc. I started this company in 2006 as an MSP helping to build and maintain infrastructures for a number of entertainment industry professionals, small and medium sized businesses, CEO's and their families, and other high net worth individuals. Making a name for myself and my one man band that was Xcape.  For years I struggled with learning how to start and operate a business successfully. I started to build a team of other hackers, pen testers and other information security professionals. The first of which I had the pleasure of being introduced to me as one of the brightest people in infosec and he's been my partner and our CTO/CISO for the last 13 years. That's when we first pivoted to infosec taking on DFIR, pentesting, and assessment work. We constantly push each other to grow and be better. So running a company with this man, building and innovating has been a dream come true.  The second an app sec engineer who